Growing up on the coast, on opposite sides of Norway, Maria and Kristoffer Sangolt both have a unique connection to the sea, to food and to the environment.


Kriss grew up in Sotra, Norway, and comes from a long line of fishermen. His great grandfather, Hans O. Vindenes actually revolutionised fishing as we know it. Following his family's footsteps Kriss started sailing at the age of 15, later he studied to become a sailor and served as an apprentice at The Institute of Marine Research. Kriss is currently Captain of a pelagic trawler.

Maria grew up in Sandefjord, Norway with a long family history of whaling, fishing and other sea-related professions. Maria served as an apprentice at Norway's most renowned restaurant, Theatercaféen in Oslo, and has since worked as a chef in many places, including at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner, Voyager of the Seas.


Forever drawn to the ocean, Kriss and Maria had their first date fishing from a dinghy in Thailand. Where only a few years later Kriss asked Maria to marry him.


With loads of contacts within the fishing industry and research, Maria and Kriss have begun a journey to combine their love of the ocean with the desire to make the world a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place. Utilising sustainable maritime resources is their top priority, with the goal of reaching the full potential of the by-products from aquaculture.